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Window Tinting

Breakers Stereo - window tint installation

At Breakers Stereo, our professionals offer so much more than just mobile electronics. On top of our huge selection of car DVD players and head units, we also offer vehicle customization services like rims and tires and window tint installation. Helping your ride look and perform its best, Breakers Stereo is your one-stop shop for auto window tint and car electronics.

Whether you're in the market for the cool appearance of tinted windows or want to protect your skin from UV rays while you're in the car, Breakers Stereo is the auto window tinting shop you've been looking for. We provide a wide range of superior quality window tinting films at affordable prices. With various colors, tints, and darkness levels, our team can help customize your car window tint to meet your exact preferences. And, unlike other tinting shops, Breakers Stereo offers an unbeatable lifetime warranty on all of our automotive window tinting services: if your window tint ever fades, bubbles, changes color, or deteriorates, we'll fix it! If that sounds like the kind of auto window tinting you want, give us a call. Our pros will help you find the right window films, provide precise installation workmanship, and get you back on the road in no time.

Window tinting is about more than just a great-looking vehicle; it's also a great solution for the extreme temperatures of southern California. Even basic car window tinting from Breakers Stereo can reflect 37% of heat! This helps decrease the searing temperatures inside your car on warm summer days and can protect your vehicle's interior from cracking and fading. Even better, tinted windows greatly reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays, protecting your skin while you're in your car or truck. And, since skin cancer is the most prevalent type of cancer in the US, you can never be too careful! From great looks to great protection, car window tint is a great addition to any vehicle.

Breakers Stereo - window tint installed

Breakers Stereo offers car window tinting from Formula 1, one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality tinting films. We carry a number of their products including the

  • Classic series (dyed film)
  • Comfort series (metal alloy film)
  • Pinnacle series (ceramic film)

This enables us to meet our customers' diverse needs, providing you with the automotive window tinting that's ideal for your specific requirements. We highly recommend Pinnacle auto window tint for superior performance of your mobile electronics; the unique formulation of this film allows for the optimal function of your sound system at all frequencies. For fabulous selection, fantastic installation, and quality that just can't be beat, Breakers Stereo is your resource for window films in Ventura County. Contact us now to get started.

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